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Soccer Team Promotes War Criminal, Everyone Laughs

Columbus Crew fans welcome Atlanta to MLS with Civil War trash talk – SBNation.com. I find this one to be utterly fascinating.  Major League Soccer just announced that it would be creating an expansion team in Atlanta.  How did the … Continue reading

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Ignorance As Protest

I’ve had a few people ask me what I think of the situation in Ukraine.  I’ve read a few articles discussing the “libertarian perspective” on Crimea.  But I haven’t said much about these issues myself, because I honestly just don’t … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart’s Worst Argument

I waited entirely too long to write this post, and now it’s no longer topical, but I did want to take a few moments to specifically address one of the points Jon Stewart continually brought up during his interview debate … Continue reading

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Article Roundup – 3/22/14

Belgium bans a wide range of sexist speech – The Volokh Consipracy. Here’s one for you, Belgium has just banned “sexist” speech.  One intrepid blogger points out that this is even more ridiculous than you think, because under Belgian law, … Continue reading

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With Friends Like These…

Imagine you’re at a party.  The room is full of people, but you’ve managed to find a quiet corner.  Sitting next to you is a professional colleague, one you’ve met several times and know reasonably well.  You even refer to … Continue reading

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H&R Block – Subversive Libertarian Propagandists?

I love tax season, and not just because of the dancing sign-wavers wearing Statue of Liberty costumes on the street corners.  Tax season is almost certainly the easiest time of the year to be a libertarian, as for a few … Continue reading

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More Columbus Day Mythbusting

I’m generally a pretty big fan of The Oatmeal.  His comics are typically funny, and many of them are also generally informative.  While I don’t check his site on a regular basis, I’ve viewed it fairly often, and have never … Continue reading

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