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Lower Taxes Are Good – Even If the Deficit Rises

Treasury’s Tax Reform Analysis Confirms Republicans Don’t Give a Damn About the Deficit – Hit & Run : Reason.com The fine folks over at Reason want you to know that they’re super concerned that the GOP tax plan making its … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff on the CPI

A great companion to my last post… Schiff breaks down the flaws in the CPI.  I particularly love the example of newspapers and magazines, where the official government propaganda doesn’t even come close to matching the prices that are printed right … Continue reading

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Incentives and the CPI

Note:  This post is adapted from a comment I made on David’s latest blog. One of the most fundamental principles of economics is that people respond to incentives.  This is a basic axiom that almost no one would dispute.  From … Continue reading

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My Case for Gold

This video by Bob Murphy is a couple weeks old, but makes a very significant point about the purposes and intentions behind QE3.  Murphy provides a brief history of what the Fed has tried to do during the recession, and … Continue reading

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Why Gas Prices Are Actually Falling

Why Gas Prices Are Actually Falling. Interesting.  I wonder what the inflation-deniers say about this one.  In REAL MONEY, gas is pretty cheap.  It’s only expensive in fiat “federal reserve notes.”

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