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Ann Coulter Makes A Good Point

I know I’m a little late with this, but Ann Coulter was on Stossel last week where she faced a hostile audience of libertarian students.  Stossel brought her on the show to “defend conservatives” and she certainly did her best. … Continue reading

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How “Blaming The Victim” Is Good For Society

As some of you may know, I am still (unfortunately) in the military.  You also may know that “sexual assault” has become the military’s latest hot-button issue.  As a result, we have all been subjected to endless “training sessions” on … Continue reading

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“Record Profits” Are Good, Should Be Normal

One of the most oft-repeated canards by socialists when they’re losing an argument is how companies are making “record profits.”  Most of society has been brainwashed into automatically assuming this is somehow a terrible thing that must be quickly remedied.  … Continue reading

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Health Care Markets Aren’t Special

The laws of economics are universal.  Socialists often try to dispute them, or to muddle the issue by injecting questions of morality into debates over economics.  Previously, we debunked several myths regarding the economics of labor markets.  Today, we address … Continue reading

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The Income Tax: Root Of All Evil – Frank Chodorov (Selected Quotations)

I recently took a course on Mises Academy taught by Tom DiLorenzo regarding the economic nationalism of Hamilton, Clay, and Lincoln.  In the final week, one of the assigned readings consisted of a few chapters of this book (available for … Continue reading

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News Roundup – 2/15/2013 – The LRC Blog I’m sure most of you have already read Lew Rockwell’s explanation of the whole drama, but just in case you haven’t, here it is.  It all seems entirely plausible to me. Fracking and Federalism … Continue reading

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Government Sues Monopoly It Created

Last week, the federal government announced its intention to sue S&P over the ratings of various mortgage-backed securities leading up to the housing crisis.  While I could provide any number of examples of various members of the government and the … Continue reading

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The DWMF Idea Board

Behold!  The DWMF “Idea Board.”  Just as some fun little insight, I thought I’d share how exactly I keep track of topics I plan on addressing in the future.  Sure, I could use a higher-tech method, but some sort of … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff on the CPI

A great companion to my last post… Schiff breaks down the flaws in the CPI.  I particularly love the example of newspapers and magazines, where the official government propaganda doesn’t even come close to matching the prices that are printed right … Continue reading

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Incentives and the CPI

Note:  This post is adapted from a comment I made on David’s latest blog. One of the most fundamental principles of economics is that people respond to incentives.  This is a basic axiom that almost no one would dispute.  From … Continue reading

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