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Kathleen Sebelius Makes A Good Point

The Surprising Quote Sec. Sebelius Delivered Regarding a Dying 10-Year-Old Who Can’t Get a Lung Transplant | TheBlaze.com. The conservative media was all over the story of a dying 10-year old girl who was denied the opportunity to appear on … Continue reading

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Health Care Markets Aren’t Special

The laws of economics are universal.  Socialists often try to dispute them, or to muddle the issue by injecting questions of morality into debates over economics.  Previously, we debunked several myths regarding the economics of labor markets.  Today, we address … Continue reading

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Yes, Economics Applies to Medicine Too

John C. Goodman: Why the Doctor Can’t See You – WSJ.com. It amazes me that articles like this are necessary.  That so many people seem to believe that the fundamental principles of Economics simply no longer apply when you’re talking … Continue reading

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