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Less Freedom Is Never The Solution

Moore mayor wants safe-room shelters built in all new homes, while cost of tornado damage could top $2 billion | Fox News. This headline is actually a little misleading.  The mayor of Moore, Oklahoma doesn’t just “want” tornado shelters built … Continue reading

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In Support of Adam Kokesh and Civil Disobedience

  Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh is in the planning stages of a pro-gun protest that has many people (including self-identified libertarians, and other pro-gun conservatives) quite upset, worried, concerned, and generally shitting their pants.  Well, it’s not so much a … Continue reading

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Why I Oppose The “Violence Against Women Act”

For the past few weeks, the statist forces have been essentially dumbfounded by the incredibly meager opposition to the “Violence Against Women Act” by certain members of the GOP.  Response ranged from the typical “war on women” garbage to some … Continue reading

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The Judge Offers the GOP Some Terrible Advice

Judge Napolitano went on Varney and Company this morning to address the upcoming amnesty compromise, and coherently made the case for the libertarian argument against immigration control.  He also encouraged the Republicans to hop on board the amnesty bandwagon in … Continue reading

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The two most important words in the Declaration of Independence

“among these” No, I’m not crazy, just bear with me for a moment. We all know that modern governments are comprised almost entirely of power-hungry statists.  We know that when a new law is considered, there is zero obligation for … Continue reading

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A black kid was killed! Quick, everyone surrender your rights!

As predicted on this very blog, the race-baiters in Congress aren’t wasting any time at all.  In response to the Trayvon Martin shooting, they are expecting you to beg them to take away your rights.  Once again, self-defense is a … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin has NOTHING to do with the “stand your ground” doctrine

Now that the mainstream media has jumped on board the Trayvon Martin bandwagon, it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one their narrative is the exact same, no matter where you go (what a remarkable coincidence that is!)  … Continue reading

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Adam Kokseh on the NDAA

  As usual, Adam has it pretty much exactly correct.  I’ve found it pretty hilarious to see my leftist friends get all outraged at the recent blatant shredding of the constitution and complete disregard for individual liberty by the supposed … Continue reading

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