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Article Roundup – 6/6/14

Winter Olympics Sports Socialism Goes Out of Fashion in the Free World – Hit & Run : Reason.com. Following the giant embarrassment in Sochi, they’re having a tough time convincing cities to spend tens of millions of dollars to host … Continue reading

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The Chris Christie Scandal Isn’t Really About Chris Christie

  Pay no attention to the man in front of the curtain.   Glenn reacts to NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s bridge scandal On his radio show on Thursday morning, Glenn Beck devoted the entire first hour to savagely ripping apart … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Case For Welfare Cheats

Generally speaking, libertarians are almost universally opposed to any “social welfare” or wealth redistribution programs.  We consider them to be impractical, economically inefficient, and an unjust violation of property rights.  If it were up to us, all of these programs … Continue reading

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Failed States And The “Now What” Question

I’ve always believed that one of the best ways to learn about a person is to examine how they react to changing and difficult circumstances.  We all face adversity in life at one time or another, and it’s how we … Continue reading

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Elections: A Very Poor Substitute For Markets

While debating the merits of my last post, I received plenty of objections, most of which were from people who were just missing the point entirely and therefore not worth responding to.  But I also received one objection that I … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need “Better” Schools?

When debating the merits of privatization with statists, they will often attempt to frame the debate in terms of:  “Explain to me how you can be sure that the private sector will produce better schools/roads/police/military protection than the government does.”  … Continue reading

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The Government Is Not “The Country” (Neocons Say The Darndest Things)

Ralph Peters on O’Reilly: Schools Teaching Kids That U.S. Government Is Bad | Fox News Insider. This is an… interesting clip from Fox News where a “strategic analyst” (whatever that means) makes a bizarre leap of logic.  He seems to … Continue reading

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