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The Libertarian Case For Welfare Cheats

Generally speaking, libertarians are almost universally opposed to any “social welfare” or wealth redistribution programs.  We consider them to be impractical, economically inefficient, and an unjust violation of property rights.  If it were up to us, all of these programs … Continue reading

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Someone Should Explain To Bloomberg What “Interpret” Means

  Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bombing | Politicker. This article is a few days old by now, and has already been thoroughly dismantled and mocked by writers much more talented than I.  But … Continue reading

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“Anti-Discrimination” Laws Are Jim Crow Laws

As a follow-up to Friday’s post regarding the anti-freedom consequences of gay marriage legislation, I wanted to make this analogy and state, for the record, my complete and total opposition to any violations (either positive or negative) to the freedom … Continue reading

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