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Article Roundup – 11/29/13

White House urging allies not to drive traffic to | Fox News. This one really strikes a nerve for me.  One of my biggest “pet peeves” (more like majorly infuriating preoccupations) is how government agencies (and government-protected monopolies, such … Continue reading

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The Tom Woods Show – A Must Listen

The Tom Woods Show. Hopefully, most of you are familiar with Tom Woods, author, speaker, radio host, and all-around great guy.  About a month ago, Tom started a regular daily podcast, which airs Monday-Friday at noon EST, and is then … Continue reading

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FDA Steps Aside To Allow Lifesaving Vaccine… For The Well Connected

    Correction: Princeton University-Meningitis story – The Washington Post. Make no mistake about it; the primary purpose of the FDA is to stop you from getting access to medicine that might save your life.  Of course, a defender of … Continue reading

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The Military Has No Business Engaging In “Humanitarian Operations”

    I’ve mentioned before that I firmly believe the best way for libertarians to win over statists is to fearlessly tackle the “hard” issues, rather than easy ones.  Railing against drones and the NSA is like shooting fish in … Continue reading

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The Only Veterans Day Article Worth Reading

Help Veterans by Taking Them Off the Pedestal – Alex Horton – The Atlantic. This is a very good piece that expresses a “contrarian” view that seems to actually be starting to pick up some steam.  Most veterans I know … Continue reading

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