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One Really Bad Reason To Support Abortion

I try not to get into “social issues” very much, mainly because they don’t interest me a whole lot.  The issue of abortion is particularly contentious, and is a rare example of an issue that cannot necessarily be easily decided … Continue reading

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False Assumptions Roundup

To borrow a favorite phrase of John Stossel, “What we know, isn’t so.”  I ran across these two stories today, both of which expose and challenge some deeply ingrained beliefs that most of society holds that are in fact, completely … Continue reading

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Gun Control: The Seen And The Unseen

Note:  I actually wrote this post on Tuesday, the 18th, prior to my computer issues  But it includes some great resources so I wanted to post it anyway.  Enjoy! Man Attempts To Open Fire On Crowd At Movie Theater, Armed … Continue reading

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How the Vice President Lies to You

He just straight up does it, and then blames someone else after the fact.  The final paragraph pretty much says it all. “In any case, the vice president should know better than to spout off half-baked facts in service of … Continue reading

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