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The Tom Woods Show – A Must Listen

The Tom Woods Show. Hopefully, most of you are familiar with Tom Woods, author, speaker, radio host, and all-around great guy.  About a month ago, Tom started a regular daily podcast, which airs Monday-Friday at noon EST, and is then … Continue reading

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Progressive Nullification

Nullification: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It | Tom Woods. Tom Woods highlights some recent efforts by certain states (including Vermont, a state that voted 66% for Obama in 2013) to nullify federal laws they deem objectionable.  Of course, … Continue reading

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Modern Day Social Crusaders Are Unpopular Extremists

  Hey, Everyone, Look at Me: I’m Against Slavery! | Tom Woods. This entire piece by Tom Woods is well worth reading, but I want to concentrate on the excellent point he makes in the first couple paragraphs.  Tom writes: … Continue reading

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News Roundup – 5/20/2013

Several stories caught my eye while I was away, here they are for your reading enjoyment! U.S. makes data available on wide disparity in hospital charges | Reuters. Well DUH.  Of course there’s a wide disparity in charges when nobody … Continue reading

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Update Schedule

When Tom Woods speaks, I listen. I saw a video that urged people to start a blog, and I did.  Recently in a live chat, he suggested that to grow an audience, you had to provide content on a consistent … Continue reading

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