News Roundup – 5/20/2013

Awesome personified

Awesome personified

Several stories caught my eye while I was away, here they are for your reading enjoyment!

U.S. makes data available on wide disparity in hospital charges | Reuters.

Well DUH.  Of course there’s a wide disparity in charges when nobody actually pays for the charges.  This is the logical consequence of having an insurance-based model.  Nobody cares, or even KNOWS, what the price of various medical procedures and treatments are.  Anyone who thinks Obamacare is going to cause this to improve should be forced to pay $20,000 for a mental health screening.

A Small Business Owner Explains the Hard Facts of Obamacare to Employees – Hit & Run :

Speaking of Obamacare, here’s a small business owner explaining to his employees in very clear, easy to understand, common sense language, precisely why Obamacare will fail, and why the “insurance model” in general is inefficient and fundamentally flawed.  An excellent read and primer on the specific problems with our current health care system (spoilers, bigger government is NOT the solution).

Have I Found Someone Who Is Wrong 100% of the Time? | Tom Woods.

Tom Woods utterly destroys someone who calls themself a “communitarian.”  Many of my friends are anarcho-socialists but seem to use a lot of the same rhetoric as this person does, and I think the same criticisms apply.  I’ll have more on this in an article sometime in the future.  For now, we have to stand firm on not letting leftists/nationalists/neocons get away with simply coming up with new labels and thinking that allows them to escape criticism.

If Obama Were a CEO, the DOJ Would Hold Him Responsible for Scandals.

Heritage is kind of hit-and-miss on major issues, but this specific commentary is spot-on.  The White House’s response to all of the recent scandals has been “Obama didn’t know,” while at the same time, Obama himself has led the charge for “financial reform” in which CEOs are legally required to know and held personally responsible for any potential problems in their companies.  Think about that for a second.


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