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Remember: “Bipartisan Compromise” Created the “Fiscal Cliff”

Am I the only person who actually remembers 2011?  The entire media certainly seems to have forgotten.  All you hear about today is how critical it is for Congress to “compromise” with Obama (which of course means, raise taxes dramatically … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media: “Republicans Should Break Campaign Promises.”

Republicans wisely break with Grover Norquist – This editorial in CNN is simply one example of a recent phenomenon that is really taking off lately.  The big-government progressive keynesians are smelling blood.  Moderate GOP congressmen are beginning to hint … Continue reading

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Giving Anarchy A Bad Name

So, I recently finished a book called “Work” by a group that calls itself “Crimethinc.”  They fancy themselves an “ex-workers collective” and often refer to themselves as anarchists.  I will not be adding this book to the reading list page, … Continue reading

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Small Business Saturday, Big Business EVERY Day

In case you haven’t heard, today is “small business Saturday,” a day in which Americans are encouraged to buy from “small” and “local” businesses.  The marketing blitz for this thing is pretty extensive.  I’ve personally seen advertisements on television and … Continue reading

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The “Smallpox Blankets” Myth

Every year around Thanksgiving, many of the anti-western leftists start to pick up steam in their America-bashing.  Thanksgiving, after all, is a celebration of evil genocidal white men brutally killing and torturing the peace-loving natives who enjoyed an earthly utopia … Continue reading

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Division of Labor Roundup

Today, I bring you two excellent articles, both published on the Laissez-Faire Books website, extolling the virtues of the free market in general, and the benefits of the division of labor in particular. The Market for Squirrel Catchers In this … Continue reading

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Yes, Unions DID Kill Hostess

But no, this will most likely not mean the end of twinkies.  As this article in the Wall Street Journal points out, the company will go through liquidation where many of its assets (including patents and trademarks) will likely be … Continue reading

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