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More Columbus Day Mythbusting

I’m generally a pretty big fan of The Oatmeal.  His comics are typically funny, and many of them are also generally informative.  While I don’t check his site on a regular basis, I’ve viewed it fairly often, and have never … Continue reading

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The “Crack Baby” Myth

‘Crack baby’ study ends with unexpected but clear result – Philly.com. This is another story that doesn’t really have much to do with freedom; I just find it interesting when studies come out that reveal widespread beliefs to be entirely … Continue reading

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The “Smallpox Blankets” Myth

Every year around Thanksgiving, many of the anti-western leftists start to pick up steam in their America-bashing.  Thanksgiving, after all, is a celebration of evil genocidal white men brutally killing and torturing the peace-loving natives who enjoyed an earthly utopia … Continue reading

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