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Are Obligations to the Government Infinite?

Gather round, boys and girls, it’s analogy time! Scenario A:  You walk into an unfamiliar bar in a bad part of town.  You sit down at the bar, and the bartender approaches you and says, “Hey buddy, you look really … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart’s Worst Argument

I waited entirely too long to write this post, and now it’s no longer topical, but I did want to take a few moments to specifically address one of the points Jon Stewart continually brought up during his interview debate … Continue reading

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Modern Day Social Crusaders Are Unpopular Extremists

  Hey, Everyone, Look at Me: I’m Against Slavery! | Tom Woods. This entire piece by Tom Woods is well worth reading, but I want to concentrate on the excellent point he makes in the first couple paragraphs.  Tom writes: … Continue reading

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Perhaps Israel Should Consider Abolishing Slavery

Female Israeli Soldiers Disciplined For Racy Facebook Photos. If you were hoping for a post about “Israeli Apartheid,” go ahead and leave right now.  Sorry to disappoint you, but this post is about the much sexier story involving female Israeli … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln: In His Own Words

While I am admittedly a little late to the party when it comes to commenting on Lincoln, I just wanted to take a little time to point out a brief passage from his first inaugural address.  This was his first … Continue reading

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