Perhaps Israel Should Consider Abolishing Slavery

Female Israeli Soldiers Disciplined For Racy Facebook Photos.

If you were hoping for a post about “Israeli Apartheid,” go ahead and leave right now.  Sorry to disappoint you, but this post is about the much sexier story involving female Israeli soldiers being disciplined for posting sexually suggestive photos of themselves on the Internet.

As you may know, there is mandatory, universal conscription in Israel (for both genders).  As we discussed last week, conscription is a form of slavery.  According to the article, the women were disciplined for “unbecoming behavior for Israeli soldiers.”  Well, perhaps these women didn’t want to be soldiers in the first place.  Perhaps they only joined the IDF because they preferred it to prison.  If the Israeli military expects to preside over a professional fighting force, then perhaps it should limit itself to the recruitment of professional soldiers (as in, those who choose soldier as an occupation, and not those who are forced into it).

If they cannot meet their desired recruitment goals through voluntarily enlistment, this should serve as a powerful market signal that they are not offering a high enough wage to make it a desirable career path.  If they fail to do that and resort to enslaving their citizens against their will, they should continue to expect “unprofessional” behavior to permeate throughout their ranks, which are comprised of slaves, and not professionals.

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  1. tiffany267 says:

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    Israel forces women to be soldiers then tries to shame them 😐 Violence, violation of personal liberty, and misogyny all in one!

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