My letter to Glenn Beck

I’m sending this today, in response to recent conversations on his radio show regarding Ron Paul.  I’ll also be waking up early Monday morning to attempt to call in and make some of these points on the air, if I can get through.

Mr. Beck,

I’d like to begin by saying that I am a huge fan.  I’ve been listening to your radio show on a regular basis for about four years.  I’ve been an insider extreme and GBTV plus subscriber for three, and have been completely satisfied with my purchase.  You have been a huge influence on my beliefs and have helped motivate me to change the world, starting my being a better person and changing myself.

I am an active duty Sailor in the United States Navy.  I am also a supporter of Dr. Ron Paul.  In the recent months, I’ve been fairly disappointed by what I believe to be biased and unfair treatment of Dr. Paul on your show by yourself, as well as Pat and Stu.  It’s true that Ron Paul does have some supporters who are “crazy,” but to characterize the whole (or even a majority) of Paul supporters that way is unfair.  All candidates have “crazy” supporters.  For some reason, you do not seem to hesitate to put “crazy” Ron Paul supporters on the air.  Somehow, I have yet to hear you put a “crazy” Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum caller on the air.  Perhaps this is a coincidence.

Over the last few months, you have regularly encouraged your audience to find and support people of character, people whose principles align with your own.  You have expressed frustration with the political process in America where everything ends up becoming all about specific opinions on individual issues, where everyone searches for the “perfect” candidate who obviously does not exist.  Ron Paul is quite obviously a man of deep convictions and impeccable character.  He is the ONLY candidate in either party who regularly expresses an understanding of the Constitution, and who declares his intention to follow it.  Perhaps you believe that Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum will not be “that bad” on the Constitution.  Personally, I see no meaningful ways in which their policies differ from George W. Bush, who also presented himself as a conservative during election season, and then went on to rack up record deficits and engage in an aggressive foreign policy.  You have stated multiple times that you agree fully with Ron Paul on many issues.  The only issue on which you seem to really disagree with him is the issue of Israel.  This gives the impression that you have become the very thing you used to speak out against, a “single-issue voter.”

Ron Paul’s stated position is that we should treat Israel exactly the same as we treat all of our other allies.  On your show, I have heard you express your support of the Thomas Jefferson quote, “honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”  This is Dr. Paul’s position exactly.  By demanding that Ron Paul express favored treatment to Israel, you are rejecting Jefferson’s sentiment.  Furthermore, I have heard you on your show repeatedly reject the notion that government must “force” individuals to give charity.  You have always recognized that charity must come from the voluntary choice of individuals.  That it is not morally acceptable for the government to take from Peter to give to Paul.  It would seem that this belief is not consistent with demanding the federal government give foreign aid to Israel.  Foreign aid is just another method of forced charity.  I would suggest that you approach the issue of financial aid for Israel in the same way you approach the issue of helping the poor and needy here in the United States.  Encourage individuals to donate.  If you believe the government of Israel needs our financial support, perhaps you should write them a check yourself, rather than demanding I sacrifice some of my income to support them.

Conservatives (of which I still continue to identify myself as one) often express and admiration and appreciation for the American military.  Speaking as an active duty servicemember myself, this is very much appreciated.  We need all the support we can get.  At this point, however, I would like to ask you a very simple question.  If Ron Paul’s foreign policy is so dangerous, why does he receive more donations from the military than all the other candidates combined.  The top three donators to Ron Paul’s campaign are the US Army, US Air Force, and US Navy.  I have never heard you mention or address this on your show.  I am honestly interested in your explanation for this.  It seems odd to me that many who claim to “support the troops” refuse to support the candidate the troops prefer.  I can tell you first-hand talking to many of my peers, we support Ron Paul BECAUSE of his foreign policy, not in spite of it.  You have claimed that Ron Paul does not understand the middle east.  What about the troops who agree with him?  Do the troops “not understand” the middle east, or do you just not particularly care about their opinions?  It is quite obvious to many of us at this point that Ron Paul is the only candidate who will end the policy of continuous warfare.  To put it simply Glenn, we’re tired.  We’re tired of the constant deployments.  We’re tired of seeing our brothers and sisters come back with missing limbs, impaired vision, crippling PTSD, and even worse, not coming back at all.  Now that Iraq is finally drawing to a close, it seems that both Democrats and mainstream Republicans such as Romney and Santorum are beating the drum for Iran.  There is no doubt in my mind that Iran is a dangerous and evil regime.  But we simply cannot afford to constantly be fighting wars with every dangerous and evil regime in the world.  When does it stop?  How many years will our fighting men and women be embroiled in another quagmire in Iran?  Once that is “done” (to the extent that these things are ever really “done), where will it be next?  North Korea?  Somalia?  Venezuela?  There are always more evil regimes in the world.  Do you honestly envision some future date where the President of the United States will walk out and say, “That’s it everyone!  We’ve killed ALL the terrorists.  America is finally totally safe now.  There is no more evil in the world and our troops can now stay home and actually concentrate on defense instead of aggression.”  Personally, I do not think that day will ever come.  Ron Paul recognizes this, and the troops agree with him.  Enough is enough.  How many dead soldiers will it take to finally convince the political class that these wars are just not worth it?

The last topic I would like to address are the newsletters.  Dr. Paul was obviously negligent in his responsibility to ensure that the content of these letters properly reflected his belief in treating all humans equally as individuals.  Any time he defended particularly egregious content was obviously a lapse in judgment as well.  You have claimed on your show that this lapse in judgment somehow makes Ron Paul a terrible manager and unworthy of the Presidency.  Do you think that the other candidates have never made mistakes?  I would suggest that they have, and I would also suggest that their mistakes are worse.  Which is really more critical to the nation, Ron Paul’s “mistake” of allowing some questionable content to be published in his name 15 years ago, or say, Romneycare?  I would argue that Romney’s “mistake” is much more significant and much more indicative of someone who is not fit for the Presidency.  I have yet to hear you make this unqualified assessment of Mitt Romney in the same way you have for Ron Paul.

I know that you get lots of mail and that the odds of you actually reading this are small.  If you do end up reading it, I thank you for your time.  If you could address any of these points on your show, I would greatly appreciate it.  I would only ask that you not mention my last name or location.  Military personnel are often pressured into not speaking out on political issues and I fear that if this letter became public, I could face potential retaliation in my career.  Thanks again for everything you do.

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