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What The 2012 Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage

What The 2012 Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage. A leftist friend of mine linked to this article on Facebook.  I think the point the left is trying to make here is that Republicans are racist or something, … Continue reading

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And Now, I Defend the GOP…

First, I’d like to clarify some of the remarks in my last post.  I am not suggesting that if Ron Paul were the nominee, it is 100% certain that he would have beaten Obama.  I think it’s likely he would … Continue reading

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Questions for the GOP

How does it feel to completely betray the principles your party was founded on for the sake of “electability” only to then get absolutely crushed by an incumbent whose first term was a complete and unmitigated disaster? How did that … Continue reading

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The Republican Rape Dilemma – Mark Davis – [page]

The Republican Rape Dilemma – Mark Davis – [page]. Libertarians are on both sides of the “abortion issue.”  The point of this post is not to take sides on the issue of whether or not abortion should be legal or … Continue reading

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What Would Bastiat Do?

In relation to the “equal pay for equal work” discussion, this quote seems relevant: “Socialism, like the old policy from which it emanates, confounds Government and society. And so, every time we object to a thing being done by Government, … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman on “Equal Pay for Equal Work” (What Romney Should Have Said)

This video has made the rounds in the libertarian circles for quite some time, but seems particularly relevant today. Hearing clips from the Presidential debates merely makes me far more regretful that Ron Paul is not appearing in them.  Every … Continue reading

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Politics: The Dismal(er) Science

Those unfamiliar with the specifics of Austrian economics are often suspicious or critical of its rejection of complex mathematical models.  Mises refutes these objections and explains the basis of this reasoning in Human Action, and I won’t go into the … Continue reading

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