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H&R Block – Subversive Libertarian Propagandists?

I love tax season, and not just because of the dancing sign-wavers wearing Statue of Liberty costumes on the street corners.  Tax season is almost certainly the easiest time of the year to be a libertarian, as for a few … Continue reading

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Confirmation By Murphy

What a lucky coincidence!  In my post about Super Bowl commercials, I made the point that advertising could not force people to purchase inferior products.  I was challenged on this, and I admit that I totally blanked on the specific … Continue reading

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For The Commercials!

Ah, the Super Bowl.  The closest thing we will ever have to a holiday celebrating capitalism and free markets.  A day when the entire nation comes to a standstill to watch a bunch of large men slam into each other … Continue reading

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Vote for Obama because he made your cost of living go up!

Behold!  What may very well be the worst campaign ad of all time. I saw this on the TV at the gym this morning and nearly fell off the elliptical machine.  Surely this can’t possibly be a PRO-Obama ad bragging … Continue reading

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