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David Gregory: Hero

I meant to write about this several weeks ago when this “story” broke, but never got around to it.  Supporters of the second amendment and the right to self-defense really need to shut the hell up about David Gregory waving … Continue reading

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The Judge Offers the GOP Some Terrible Advice

Judge Napolitano went on Varney and Company this morning to address the upcoming amnesty compromise, and coherently made the case for the libertarian argument against immigration control.  He also encouraged the Republicans to hop on board the amnesty bandwagon in … Continue reading

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Nerds Suddenly Outraged Over IP Theft

This story amuses me greatly.  For those who aren’t aware, Jonathan Coulton is a quite talented and entertaining singer/songwriter whose core audience would probably be best described as “nerds,” (not necessarily in a negative way, it is likely a label … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln: In His Own Words

While I am admittedly a little late to the party when it comes to commenting on Lincoln, I just wanted to take a little time to point out a brief passage from his first inaugural address.  This was his first … Continue reading

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Veterans Are Just Like Any Other Group Of People

Some of them suck.  Some are dishonest.  Some are lazy.  Some are corrupt.  Some are psychotic. Can I say that?  Is that too controversial?  Does stating this mean I hate America?  Seriously, this  military-worship has got to stop.  It seems … Continue reading

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Defending “Defending the Undefendable”

I wanted to write about this on the front page rather than simply in the reading list in order to draw additional attention to it.  I just finished reading Defending the Undefendable by Walter Block, and I was completely amazed. … Continue reading

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Consumerist: Ignorant of Basic Economics (A Defense of Payday Loans)

Consumerist always makes for some fun reading.  Usually they spend their time over-hyping the most trivial (and occasionally fraudulent) customer complaints and simply vilifying corporate America for having the audacity to offer us products that we may choose to buy.  … Continue reading

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The Free Market Triumphs Over Crabs

Brazilian Bikini Waxes Make Crab Lice Endangered Species :: Bloomberg Human progress continues unabated!  It would seem that we are now close to eradicating pubic lice – a parasite that has plagued humanity for centuries.  It’s really an amazing achievement … Continue reading

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Creative Commons and the Anti-IP Crowd

Intellectual property restrictions represent one of the most divisive issues of the day, even among the libertarian community.  These days, it seems as if the anti-IP crowd is in the majority, and gaining ground.  I fall in the pro-IP camp … Continue reading

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The Swiss Sell Out

FATCA Cliff:  Tax Evasion And Guilty Plea For Oldest Swiss Bank :: Forbes I don’t know nearly enough about international law and banking regulations to offer any real intelligent commentary about this.  Perhaps someone who does know a little bit … Continue reading

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