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Amnesty: Still A Loser For Republicans

  Sorry, GOP! Immigration Reform Won’t Win You The Latino Vote | Mediaite. AJ Delgado of Mediaite offers a very comprehensive argument for why immigration reform is still a huge loser for the GOP.  I’ve made many of these points … Continue reading

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News Roundup – 2/1/2013

I think I’ve got a decent variety for today… NFL cracks down on fake jerseys This article says that the NFL has seized over $13 million in counterfeit merchandise. What makes this merchandise “counterfeit” you ask? The fact that the … Continue reading

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The Judge Offers the GOP Some Terrible Advice

Judge Napolitano went on Varney and Company this morning to address the upcoming amnesty compromise, and coherently made the case for the libertarian argument against immigration control.  He also encouraged the Republicans to hop on board the amnesty bandwagon in … Continue reading

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