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Soda: The Hard Way

It seems that in recent weeks, the news is full of items that appear to be great victories for lovers of freedom.  I previously discussed why Eric Holder’s letter to Rand Paul stating that the President does not have the … Continue reading

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The Swiss Sell Out

FATCA Cliff:  Tax Evasion And Guilty Plea For Oldest Swiss Bank :: Forbes I don’t know nearly enough about international law and banking regulations to offer any real intelligent commentary about this.  Perhaps someone who does know a little bit … Continue reading

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Government Gets A Taste Of Its Own Salad

Federal law may have unintended consequences for schoolkids at lunch | New rules lead to more waste, fewer healthy choices, some complain. This story comes from my local newspaper.  I absolutely love stories of government bureaucracies opposing each other.  It … Continue reading

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Legalize. Don’t Tax. Don’t Regulate.

One of the most appealing aspects of libertarian political philosophy is that it demands the legalization of all victimless crimes.  Those within the liberty movement celebrate as legalization of various currently prohibited activities (drugs, gambling, prostitution) tends to slowly gain … Continue reading

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News Roundup – 10/3/2011

A few stories from the last few days: Roseanne Barr calls for bankers to be executed – I wonder if everyone is going to claim she’s “just joking.”  Once again, if you listen to the audio, it’s incredibly clear she’s … Continue reading

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