Government Gets A Taste Of Its Own Salad

Federal law may have unintended consequences for schoolkids at lunch | New rules lead to more waste, fewer healthy choices, some complain.

This story comes from my local newspaper.  I absolutely love stories of government bureaucracies opposing each other.  It should be a “teachable moment” as they say, but instead it is typically handled as this article does, with a shrug of the shoulders and a “oh well, I’m sure these negative consequences were totally unintended!”

Who would have ever guessed that onerous reporting requirements might not be incredibly inconvenient only to evil, rich, fast-food companies?  Who could have possibly foreseen that added bureaucracy and regulation would make life much worse for students, depriving them of greater variety in meals?

It’s best not to think about these things too much, citizen.  Rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your kind federal overlords truly have your best interest at heart.

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My name's Matt and I love Freedom.
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