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Some Children Left Behind… Maybe

Diligent Asian students dominate global exam. I’d just like to bring this to everyone’s attention, as it directly relates to my previous piece on standardized testing.  This article is a great example of the sort of thing I was talking … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Immelt Is A Big Fan Of Communism

Head of Obama’s Jobs Council: ‘State-Run Communism’ Actually ‘Works’ | Video | TheBlaze.com. Ah, Jeffrey Immelt.  You may know him as the CEO of General Electric.  Or perhaps you know him as a key advisor to Barack Obama, head of … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Is Good

This excellent short video by the Cato Institute does an excellent job describing how outsourcing benefits Americans.  Very relevant to the recent posts on labor markets, as well as the economic nonsense being peddled by the two Presidential candidates.

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Why Not “Equal Pay for Equal Goods?”

Now that we’ve established that labor markets aren’t special, it’s time to extend this reasoning to the “equal pay for equal work” discussion. If labor is a good that is exchanged just like any other, than we can easily make … Continue reading

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Is “Cyber-Terrorism” an actual threat?

Does Cybercrime Really Cost $1 Trillion? – ProPublica. After defeat of cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive order – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley. The recent defeat of the Cybersecurity Act in the Senate has brought some added attention onto the semi-frequent … Continue reading

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News Roundup – 3/7/2012

Three interesting stories to link today… Why Buy the Cow? – Peter Schiff gives a nice little “corporate taxation for dummies,” in this update, explaining how the government gets more money from most corporations than the shareholders do.  We take … Continue reading

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