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Common Core Complaints Co-Opted

I’m starting to miss the good old days, when the only media coverage of “Common Core” consisted of Glenn Beck ranting about how it was a giant conspiracy led by Bill Gates to brainwash your children into buying Microsoft products.  … Continue reading

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Some Children Left Behind… Maybe

Diligent Asian students dominate global exam. I’d just like to bring this to everyone’s attention, as it directly relates to my previous piece on standardized testing.  This article is a great example of the sort of thing I was talking … Continue reading

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Taxpayers Pay It Forward : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education. Hey, whaddya know?  Turns out I wasn’t just blowing smoke after all.  A couple weeks ago, I wrote a piece criticizing a new program for financing college in … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need “Better” Schools?

When debating the merits of privatization with statists, they will often attempt to frame the debate in terms of:  “Explain to me how you can be sure that the private sector will produce better schools/roads/police/military protection than the government does.”  … Continue reading

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The Government Is Not “The Country” (Neocons Say The Darndest Things)

Ralph Peters on O’Reilly: Schools Teaching Kids That U.S. Government Is Bad | Fox News Insider. This is an… interesting clip from Fox News where a “strategic analyst” (whatever that means) makes a bizarre leap of logic.  He seems to … Continue reading

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The ABCT Explains The Student Loan Bubble

  Everything you need to know about the student loan rate hike. 2007 Trends in Higher Education Series:  Student Loans I’ve heard a lot of whining over the last few days from the college student crowd over the impending doom … Continue reading

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Educational Fallacies

(Note:  I originally wrote this piece several months ago, when the Chicago teacher’s strike was ongoing.  In true slacker/procrastinator fashion, I held off on posting it, because I was going to submit it to a few sites for publication, which … Continue reading

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