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The Government Is Not “The Country” (Neocons Say The Darndest Things)

Ralph Peters on O’Reilly: Schools Teaching Kids That U.S. Government Is Bad | Fox News Insider. This is an… interesting clip from Fox News where a “strategic analyst” (whatever that means) makes a bizarre leap of logic.  He seems to … Continue reading

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Sports, Selfishness, and the “Winner’s Discount”

This one is a little off-topic, although I think it deals with a lot of useful economic concepts.  I also happen to be a huge hockey fan, a sport which just recently went through a lot of free-agent signings, prompting … Continue reading

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Don’t Boycott Stupidity

Here’s something that will shock nobody:  Soulja Boy did something stupid. Specifically, he released a song where he made it clear he doesn’t think so highly of the military, as evidenced by the lyric “F*** the troops.”  As you might … Continue reading

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