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Sports, Selfishness, and the “Winner’s Discount”

This one is a little off-topic, although I think it deals with a lot of useful economic concepts.  I also happen to be a huge hockey fan, a sport which just recently went through a lot of free-agent signings, prompting … Continue reading

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ESPN President: We Know What’s Best For Our Viewers

  Enough:  ESPN exec wants less Tim Tebow coverage   One thing I’ve always enjoyed is applying the lessons of free markets to stories that might not be considered political, philosophical, or economic at all.  This story, at first glance, … Continue reading

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Maybe God DOES care who wins football games…

The legend of Tim Tebow grows – AFC West Blog – ESPN. One thing that anti-religious zealots and deeply pious and religious people tend to have in common is disgust for seemingly disingenuous athletes thanking God for on-field success.  The … Continue reading

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