Maybe God DOES care who wins football games…

The legend of Tim Tebow grows – AFC West Blog – ESPN.

One thing that anti-religious zealots and deeply pious and religious people tend to have in common is disgust for seemingly disingenuous athletes thanking God for on-field success.  The phrase “God doesn’t care who wins football games!” often comes up.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe they’re wrong.  How else do you explain Tim Tebow?  It makes perfect sense if you think about it, and keep the following things in mind…

1.  God is omnipotent, and omniscient.  He does not have to deal with matters of scarcity of resources in the same way we humans do.  He can multi-task.  He can save an orphan from a burning building, test the faith of a believer with tragedy, and will Rex Ryan to make an idiotic all-out blitz call on third down all at the same time if he feels like it.

2.  We are made in God’s image.  Most human beings seem to have a natural enjoyment of athletic competition.  Therefore, I think it is only reasonable to assume that God himself would also enjoy sports.  The NFL is one of the biggest sports leagues on Earth, why wouldn’t he watch?

3.  America is God’s country.  I refuse to believe that God would prefer soccer to football.  There’s no way God approves of a sport where the surest pathway to victory is pretending to be injured when you aren’t.

4.  If God watches football, wouldn’t it be more exciting if he had someone to root for?  Who better to root for than one of his most famous and influential disciples?  Tim Tebow is probably the most famously Christian athlete on the planet.  Unless the Pope gets drafted by the Browns, why wouldn’t Tebow be God’s favorite player?

5.  Tebow’s success serves as an inspiration, and enlarges his platform to spread the gospel.  Can you imagine Tebow in the super bowl?  The hundreds of millions of people around the world tuning in for what would surely be three hours worth of pre-game entirely devoted to how awesome Tebow is?  Why wouldn’t God want that?

Given these points, I think it is quite obvious what is going on here.  The Broncos fourth quarter drives are divinely inspired.  Sorry Jerry Jones, but the almighty is no longer looking at Texas on Sundays.  God wants Tebow to win, and has a pretty good track record of getting what he wants.

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