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Screw The Rules – I’m A Marine!

Roseburg principal responds to questions about Marine uniform |  KVAL CBS 13. Stories like this annoy the hell out of me.  This type of thing happens every few years, where someone with a military affiliation (the article doesn’t mention whether … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Case For Welfare Cheats

Generally speaking, libertarians are almost universally opposed to any “social welfare” or wealth redistribution programs.  We consider them to be impractical, economically inefficient, and an unjust violation of property rights.  If it were up to us, all of these programs … Continue reading

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The ABCT Explains The Student Loan Bubble

  Everything you need to know about the student loan rate hike. 2007 Trends in Higher Education Series:  Student Loans I’ve heard a lot of whining over the last few days from the college student crowd over the impending doom … Continue reading

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