It’s About Education

How very timely!  Shortly after receiving some rather odd criticism from a bunch of statists (they were insisting that if I really believed in anarchy, I should be out in the streets actively fighting the government at this very moment), I stumble upon this great video clip of Bob Murphy in New York.  In this short little speech, he basically re-affirms the validity of what I (and many others) are attempting to do.  Educate the public and try and get more people “on our side.”  The more people who agree with the principles of freedom and liberty, the easier it will be to eventually transition to a stateless society, regardless of what means are chosen to make that transition happen.  The quality is a bit low and there’s some background noise, but it’s still well worth the time – enjoy!

About Dude Where's My Freedom?

My name's Matt and I love Freedom.
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