Less Freedom Is Never The Solution

Moore mayor wants safe-room shelters built in all new homes, while cost of tornado damage could top $2 billion | Fox News.

This headline is actually a little misleading.  The mayor of Moore, Oklahoma doesn’t just “want” tornado shelters built in all new homes, he is insisting upon a law requiring it.  Such a law, of course, is a direct and blatant violation of our natural right to free trade.  Every individual should be free to build a house with whatever features they desire, and not be forced to add expensive shelters solely because it makes some politicians feel better.

Remember, the purpose of government is not to prevent us from all possible harm, but rather to safeguard our freedoms, including the freedom to live in a house that is slightly less safe than a house that others may choose to live in.  It is unfortunate that most politicians have this completely backwards, and believe that it is the government’s job to “protect us from ourselves” and prevent us from exercising our natural rights in the name of safety and the “public good.”

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My name's Matt and I love Freedom.
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