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Hey, whaddya know?  Turns out I wasn’t just blowing smoke after all.  A couple weeks ago, I wrote a piece criticizing a new program for financing college in my home state of Oregon.  By the time it was done, I was pretty darn satisfied with it, so on a lark, I sent it in to The Freeman as a submission.

Well, a couple weeks and many edits later, they’re actually running it.  That’s right people, Dude Where’s My Freedom has been officially published by The Freeman!  Right now, my article is the lead story on

As you might imagine, I’m incredibly excited about this.  It’s a huge honor to see my name associated with a publication that has helped launch the careers of some of my personal heroes.  Tom Woods, Bob Murphy, Jeffrey Tucker, and now… Matt Miller?  Amazing!  And yes, that’s right, another consequence of this is that I’m essentially “coming out” and attaching my real name to my blog – just on the remote chance that there’s actually a future for me in this sort of thing.  The “About” page of DWMF has been updated accordingly.

This is an absolutely amazing development.  One that I never dreamed of when I started this blog about two years ago.  I owe a ton of gratitude to everyone who has supported me, and just as much to everyone who has opposed me.  It is through vigorous debate that I’ve been forced to improve myself.  By knowing that my opponents will attack and exploit even the smallest vulnerability in one of my arguments, I was forced to make my arguments better.  And now, I can quite literally refer to myself as a “professional” writer.

Perhaps this piece on college tuition will be the only thing I ever write worthy of publication by a serious organization.  Perhaps it’s just the first of many.  Either way, I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions with so many bright and unique individuals.  Now, let’s all keep getting better!



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My name's Matt and I love Freedom.
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1 Response to Published!

  1. Bob says:

    That is how I found your Blog.
    You write well. Thank you for entertaining me.

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