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Lower Taxes Are Good – Even If the Deficit Rises

Treasury’s Tax Reform Analysis Confirms Republicans Don’t Give a Damn About the Deficit – Hit & Run : Reason.com The fine folks over at Reason want you to know that they’re super concerned that the GOP tax plan making its … Continue reading

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Article Roundup – 3/8/14

Not safe to display American flag in American high school. The Volokh Conspiracy has joined the very selective list of blogs I make a point to check every single day.  Sometimes the topics are a bit mundane, sometimes their guest … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Bank Run

As a rule, I don’t generally write about Bitcoin, because I don’t generally know much about it or care passionately either way.  I have a very small “investment” I made in it about a year ago just for fun, but … Continue reading

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The Swiss Sell Out

FATCA Cliff:  Tax Evasion And Guilty Plea For Oldest Swiss Bank :: Forbes I don’t know nearly enough about international law and banking regulations to offer any real intelligent commentary about this.  Perhaps someone who does know a little bit … Continue reading

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