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How To Talk To Your Friends About Tax Cuts

The following conversation is a rough approximation of one I just recently had with a few of my co-workers: Them: Do we make enough money that we will benefit from these tax cuts? Or are we getting screwed like everyone … Continue reading

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Lower Taxes Are Good – Even If the Deficit Rises

Treasury’s Tax Reform Analysis Confirms Republicans Don’t Give a Damn About the Deficit – Hit & Run : Reason.com The fine folks over at Reason want you to know that they’re super concerned that the GOP tax plan making its … Continue reading

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H&R Block – Subversive Libertarian Propagandists?

I love tax season, and not just because of the dancing sign-wavers wearing Statue of Liberty costumes on the street corners.  Tax season is almost certainly the easiest time of the year to be a libertarian, as for a few … Continue reading

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The Income Tax: Root Of All Evil – Frank Chodorov (Selected Quotations)

I recently took a course on Mises Academy taught by Tom DiLorenzo regarding the economic nationalism of Hamilton, Clay, and Lincoln.  In the final week, one of the assigned readings consisted of a few chapters of this book (available for … Continue reading

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