News Roundup – 10/3/2011

A few stories from the last few days:

Roseanne Barr calls for bankers to be executed – I wonder if everyone is going to claim she’s “just joking.”  Once again, if you listen to the audio, it’s incredibly clear she’s not.  Also, re-education camps and beheadings probably aren’t good material for jokes given that they’ve, you know, actually happened in leftist revolutions before.

Regulation Caused the BoA debit card fee – Remember when Dodd/Frank was being debated and we all said, “This is bad for consumers, the banks will find ways to make up this revenue, say goodbye to free checking.”  Here it comes.  Only the leftists won’t make the connection.  They’ll blame corporate greed.  Surprise surprise!

PETA mocks shark attack victims – Stay classy, PETA.  How do they know this guy wasn’t an environmentalist himself?  They don’t care.  They have zero regard for human life.

What if we didn’t live in a free country – Judge Napolitano with a powerful piece.  How many of these things have already happened?  How many are in the process of happening?

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My name's Matt and I love Freedom.
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