News Roundup – 2/1/2013

I think I’ve got a decent variety for today…

NFL cracks down on fake jerseys

This article says that the NFL has seized over $13 million in counterfeit merchandise. What makes this merchandise “counterfeit” you ask? The fact that the people who made it didn’t pay the NFL exorbitant merchandising fees, that’s what. Presumably, this seized merch will be destroyed. The article claims, “No good comes of counterfeiting American products — whether NFL jerseys, airbags, or pharmaceuticals.” I beg to differ. Plenty of good comes out of the fact that people have the ability to pay $30 for a reasonable approximation of a product that would normally cost them $150. By destroying the seized merchandise, the NFL is effectively making humanity $13 million poorer. Of course, I’m sure all of their managers are Keynesians who believe this counts as economic stimulus.

Rove: About That “Permanent Democratic Majority”

I’m no fan of Karl Rove, nor am I particularly concerned about the ultimate fate of the GOP, but he makes some salient points here, even if he ultimately falls into the same nonsensical trap of believing that the solution is to bribe Hispanics with amnesty. The GOP may be evil, incompetent wastes of life, but don’t for one second believe that the Democrats can’t be just as evil and just as incompetent! If all of these concerns about demographics were actually true, then the GOP should do worse and worse every year, but that doesn’t really seem to be the pattern at all.

Suicide Watch at CNN? Rupaul’s “Drag Race” Beats Piers Morgan

The headline sort of speaks for itself. Piers Morgan’s ratings aren’t just bad; they are laughably, historically, bad. Unfortunately, I agree with Glenn Beck’s analysis of this. CNN will wait a bit to dump Piers to allow him to save face. Ultimately, when they do dump him, he will become a heroic martyr among the far left who will claim he got fired solely because he had the character and moral courage to stand up to the NRA, and they just have so much power that they got him silenced because he was just about to succeed in rallying the public to finally ban guns forever. Being fired will only increase his credibility among the far-left wackos who care what he has to say.

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