OMG! Mitt Romney made another gaffe! He’s a gaffer! A gaffe machine!

Romney’s 47% gaffe shows more than being out of touch – National Policy & Issues |

I believe I’m on the record as being no fan of Mitt Romney, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give the mainstream media a free pass on their complete failure to even ATTEMPT to treat the election with anything resembling objectivity.  The linked article above is just one example of many in which his recent statements regarding 47% of Americans not paying taxes is instantly labeled as a gaffe.  Assumed to be a terrible thing that will certainly cost him the election.  This of course joins other memorable “gaffes” such as when he questioned whether the Olympics in London were running smoothly (they weren’t), and when he responded to the U.S. embassy attacks in the middle east by calling the administration’s response (which consisted of apologizing for a video that was made) pathetic (it was).

Of course, even if we could just assume that his statement in the video will be universally condemned and hated by all (it won’t), that doesn’t make it a gaffe.  The statement was made at a private fundraiser.  There would be no reason to assume that at such an event, someone would be secretly recording him in order to hand it over it to a radical communist website who would then sit on it for a few months and wait until an opportune moment to release it (I assume they picked now because it had been a week since his last gaffe and they hadn’t been able to manufacture a new gaffe just yet).  When you are speaking to someone privately about concepts you clearly agree with, it is not a gaffe to say something that others may disagree with, period, end of story.

The mainstream media’s pathetic attempt to spin everything Mitt Romney says and does into the worst and most offensive things uttered since Jimmy the Greek is completely transparent.  Even if you disagree with Romney’s analysis, this was not a gaffe.  It was a correctly reported statistic communicated to an audience of like-minded individuals in the context of discussing campaign strategy.  Any attempt to characterize it as somehow proof that Mitt Romney hates poor people is the height of dishonesty and shoddy journalism and should be condemned as such.

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