Glenn to Ron Paul supporters: Ron Paul is NOT RUNNING! – Glenn Beck

Glenn to Ron Paul supporters: Ron Paul is NOT RUNNING! – Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck seems awfully upset that Ron Paul supporters are not following in his example by completely abandoning their principles and values in order to support Mitt Romney. I believe this merits a response…

Ron Paul supporters to Glenn Beck: We will NOT support Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney is a big government progressive. You believed that a mere ten months ago when the primaries were in full swing. During the primaries, when you were supporting Rick Santorum, you pleaded with potential voters to ignore any rhetoric regarding someone’s “ability to win” and to simply vote for whoever they agreed with the most. Apparently you have since changed your mind. Now, you urge people to ignore their principles and values to support a candidate because you think he might win.

Problem is, he won’t. Romney has no chance. We told you as much during the primaries. We told you that the only Republican who had a chance at defeating Obama was Ron Paul. We were very explicit about the fact that the only reason we were in the Republican party in the first place is because Ron Paul was there, and that if you failed to select him as your nominee, we would leave.

Unlike you, we have not changed our minds. The Republican establishment rejected Ron Paul, so now, we reject the Republican establishment. We reject Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. We’ve told you from the beginning that we would, and now we are. We have no intention of destroying America. We intend to destroy the two party system which has been subverting the constitution and squelching individual freedom for the past 150 years.

You ask whether I want someone who believes in the free market in the White House? I do. That is why I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson.

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