RNC Live Blog – 8/30

Watching pundits on The Blaze. So far they’ve complained about outsourcing. One guy who isn’t worth naming referred to Chinese manufacturing as “slave labor.”

Because one John Boehner appearance just wasn’t enough…

And now, Newt Gingrich. Are these people serious?

That’s right folks, it CAN get worse. Jeb Bush. Really?

It’s like every day they try to get WORSE speakers than they did the day before. Thankfully for Mittens, this is the last day. Perhaps he’s hoping to look good by surrounding himself with idiots, like an ugly chick who only hangs out with even uglier chicks.

If Jeb Bush is one of your party’s “great leaders” your party MAY be terrible…

And now, a nice calm man whose sole purpose is to reassure you that Mormonism is NOT a cult.

The only thing worse than constant applause breaks is when the speaker pauses expecting applause and gets none. Awkward!

And now, a lineup of people who you’ve never met or even heard of and have no particular reason to believe or listen to come out to tell you what a nice guy Mitt Romney is. As if that’s the critical issue here.

Not many updates, because there isn’t much to say about a bunch of random businessmen declaring that Bain Capital was the greatest thing to ever exist.

Somehow it took this chick 10 minutes to say “Hi, I was in the Olympics, vote for Mitt Romney.”

Someone should remind the Republican party that the Olympics are one of the pre-eminent experiments in globalism, complete with incompetent bureaucracy and unnecessary government largesse. Perhaps this ISN’T something you should be highlighting…

Seriously, ENOUGH about the Olympics. This is completely the WRONG message if you’re trying to emphasize small government and individualism…

This is quite the video package. Reminds me of a pre-match hype video in Pro Wrestling!

And now, for an 80-year old man whose natural solution to every problem is to try and shoot it or blow it up. No, not John McCain but that’s a good guess!

Did Eastwood actually write a speech? It sounds like he’s just making it up off the top of his head…

He’s arguing with an invisible Obama. I’d say this is cringe-worthy but anything is an upgrade from McCain, Rice, and Jeb Bush.

This is embarrassing. TERRIBLE idea.

Marco Rubio up now. This guy gets a LOT of hype but I’m not sure what for. Let’s see if he says anything meaningful…

If Rubio really wants Cuba to be free, the first step towards that is to normalize trade. Is he in favor of that?

This guy isn’t half bad, especially in comparison to the neocon dinosaurs that have dominated this convention.

“Your rights are whatever your rules allowed you to have.” He DOESN’T think this is true in modern day America?

This is going downhill fast. Is he somehow suggesting that Romney will ensure every college graduate gets a job? What?

There sure have been a lot of people speaking Spanish at this convention. I thought the GOP wanted English to be the national language…

“We chose more government instead of more freedom.” LOL freudian slip eh?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Mittens!

Enough with all the handshakes. Is this really necessary?

They should just start a big brawl in the convention hall and the last man standing becomes the nominee. That would be a LOT more entertaining.

Where’s the part about ending the fed?

So, there’s been a subtle repetition by a few speakers about college students living with their parents. I wonder if that’s going to be effective…

“We deserve better.” Yes we do Mitt, yes we do…

Really? Pandering with Neil Armstrong?

Where’s the part about balancing the budget?

If Mitt wants to avoid going to hell, perhaps he might consider ending the drone strikes in Pakistan?

Sending jobs to China is not a bad thing Mitt. Defend outsourcing. Division of labor is good. You know this, why are you lying about it?

If Mitt wants a future where seniors don’t fear for their retirement, he should abolish social security.

Vilifying China is stupid. Mitt knows better. This is all populist garbage.

What EXACTLY is he going to do about Iran? Launch a ground war? Specifics plaz.

Lame. Way too general. Standard “rah rah America is great” fare.

Well, that was a pretty giant waste of time. Mitt has little to offer lovers of liberty. Goodnight folks!

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