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Glenn Beck: Ignore News From Sources You Don’t Agree With

Glenn Beck’s reaction to the Piers Morgan/Alex Jones showdown was typically hilarious.  He simply couldn’t help himself.  He devoted the entire first segment of his radio show to running down Alex Jones, making great effort to avoid even so much … Continue reading

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Gun Control: The Seen And The Unseen

Note:  I actually wrote this post on Tuesday, the 18th, prior to my computer issues  But it includes some great resources so I wanted to post it anyway.  Enjoy! Man Attempts To Open Fire On Crowd At Movie Theater, Armed … Continue reading

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RNC Live Blog – 8/30

Watching pundits on The Blaze. So far they’ve complained about outsourcing. One guy who isn’t worth naming referred to Chinese manufacturing as “slave labor.” Because one John Boehner appearance just wasn’t enough… And now, Newt Gingrich. Are these people serious? … Continue reading

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