David Gregory: Hero

A journalist heroically violates an unjust law on national television

I meant to write about this several weeks ago when this “story” broke, but never got around to it.  Supporters of the second amendment and the right to self-defense really need to shut the hell up about David Gregory waving an “illegal” magazine around on NBC news.  This is not a winning argument for us.  Rather, it is a completely transparent attempt to play the same sort of “gotcha” political games that we condemn the mainstream media for constantly engaging in.

1.  Is it not our stated position that such magazine bans are both immoral and unconstitutional?  If so, Gregory’s actions in open defiance of a law we oppose are heroic and worthy of praise, not an act to be condemned.

2. The arbitrary enforcement of silly rules is one of the chief libertarian complaints against large, oppressive government.  Even if you support a ban on high-capacity magazines, it is quite clear that Gregory, although likely in violation of the letter of the law, did not violate the spirit of the law.  Does anybody actually think this is his own personal magazine?  That he did anything with it other than briefly show it to the camera?  Please.

3. Two wrongs don’t make a right.  The fact that someone else would likely have been charged for this is irrelevant.  Object if and when they are, but do not demand tyranny for everyone.  Pulling people down in the name of equality is an activity we should leave to the Commies.

Anyone who truly favors the second amendment should, rather than vilifying and demanding the arrest of Gregory, point to this case as an example of why firearms regulations are stupid.  The vast majority of American gun owners are, like Gregory himself, of absolutely no danger to the public at large.  The fact that David Gregory can handle a 30-round magazine without anyone nearby dying is proof that you and I could do so as well.  I believe that Gregory is completely within his rights to hold such an item, and that I have every right to obtain a similar one.  I refuse to demand the enforcement of an unjust law solely because someone I disagree with happens to have violated it.

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My name's Matt and I love Freedom.
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2 Responses to David Gregory: Hero

  1. David Burns says:

    You have become a tremendously gifted writer. I can’t wait to work to see where your skills lead you next. But for now, I enjoy every piece you write. Keep the great work!

  2. Praise from Caesar! Seriously, thanks, it means a whole lot. I try to learn from the best!

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