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Yes, Unions DID Kill Hostess

But no, this will most likely not mean the end of twinkies.  As this article in the Wall Street Journal points out, the company will go through liquidation where many of its assets (including patents and trademarks) will likely be … Continue reading

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Labor Markets Aren’t Special

The laws of economics are universal.  They apply to all markets, everywhere, at all times.  At times, governments or other hostile forces may restrict certain markets in particular ways to cause them to be unique, but the general laws still … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman on “Equal Pay for Equal Work” (What Romney Should Have Said)

This video has made the rounds in the libertarian circles for quite some time, but seems particularly relevant today. Hearing clips from the Presidential debates merely makes me far more regretful that Ron Paul is not appearing in them.  Every … Continue reading

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