Questions for the GOP

Rand Paul MemeHow does it feel to completely betray the principles your party was founded on for the sake of “electability” only to then get absolutely crushed by an incumbent whose first term was a complete and unmitigated disaster?

How did that whole “let’s nominate Romney even though we disagree with him about everything because he can win,” thing work out for you guys?

How do you think Rand Paul feels today?  All he did was alienate a huge chunk of his base by betraying his own father in order to attach himself to the failed Romney campaign in hopes of some consideration down the road.  How’d that work out exactly?

I’m no fan of Obama, and I’m not exactly thrilled at the prospect of another four years of the state growing in size, scope, and power.  But the GOP and everyone who supported the Romney campaign just got exactly what it deserved.  If history is any indication, they will learn absolutely nothing, and make the exact same mistakes again next time around.  Gotta love those Republicans, they’re nothing if not consistent!

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