The Republican Rape Dilemma – Mark Davis – [page]

The Republican Rape Dilemma – Mark Davis – [page].

Libertarians are on both sides of the “abortion issue.”  The point of this post is not to take sides on the issue of whether or not abortion should be legal or not.  But this article makes an excellent point, that the “exception for rape or incest” issue is a red herring.

If someone is truly pro-life, the only tolerated exception should be to save the life of the mother.  Period.  End of story.  It is time for pro-life conservatives to stand up and own this issue, and not be afraid of the left yelling and screaming about them being “anti-woman.”  If life truly begins at conception, then the extreme emotional distress for the mother of bringing an unwanted child to term is tragic, but is not a justification to kill the child.

I stand in support of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, not because I necessarily agree with their positions, but because their positions are ideologically consistent, and having ideologically consistent positions is what led me to become a libertarian in the first place.  It is the pathetic fake-conservatives like Mitt Romney, who claim to be pro-life, but are willing to let a fetus be murdered if the woman might be emotionally bothered by it, who are pathetic, hypocritical cowards worthy of scorn.

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