LA Times Subtly Admits: Obamacare Is A Massive Wealth Transfer

Affordable Care Act’s challenge: getting young adults enrolled –

This article amuses me greatly.  I’m not sure that they quite realize it, but they’re basically admitting that Obamacare amounts to nothing more than a giant subsidy of health care for old people, paid primarily by young people.  As if social security and medicare (two giant wealth transfer programs from the young to the old) weren’t enough.  I just love this quote:

The success of the healthcare law “depends on reaching everyone who is uninsured, but particularly young people who may feel like they don’t need insurance,” said Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation. Convincing them to spend money on insurance, he said, will be a “marketing challenge.”

Marketing challenge?  You’re going to fine them, and if they don’t pay the fine, you’re going to take the money by force.  The uninsured are primarily young people who have made a calculated personal economic decision that health insurance is not worth the cost for them.  This is a completely legitimate decision for someone to make.  The fact that Obamacare cannot succeed without forcing them to buy a product they neither want nor need should tell you something.

The elderly leeches simply refuse to leave us alone.  It’s not enough that they’ve accumulated nearly $17 trillion in debt and $125 trillion in unfunded liabilities that the young are on the hook to repay.  They want, they demand even more.  Never mind that the average net worth of a 25 year old is $1,475 while the average net worth of a 65 year old is $232,000.  Obviously we need to take even more money away from young people and give it to the elderly.  Fortunately for the greediest generation, Obamacare plans on doing just that.

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