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Modern Day Social Crusaders Are Unpopular Extremists

  Hey, Everyone, Look at Me: I’m Against Slavery! | Tom Woods. This entire piece by Tom Woods is well worth reading, but I want to concentrate on the excellent point he makes in the first couple paragraphs.  Tom writes: … Continue reading

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In Support of Adam Kokesh and Civil Disobedience

  Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh is in the planning stages of a pro-gun protest that has many people (including self-identified libertarians, and other pro-gun conservatives) quite upset, worried, concerned, and generally shitting their pants.  Well, it’s not so much a … Continue reading

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Adam Kokseh on the NDAA

  As usual, Adam has it pretty much exactly correct.  I’ve found it pretty hilarious to see my leftist friends get all outraged at the recent blatant shredding of the constitution and complete disregard for individual liberty by the supposed … Continue reading

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