Adam Kokseh on the NDAA


As usual, Adam has it pretty much exactly correct.  I’ve found it pretty hilarious to see my leftist friends get all outraged at the recent blatant shredding of the constitution and complete disregard for individual liberty by the supposed “right-wing” Congress AND leftist hero President Obama.


You’re outraged now?  After spending your entire life loudly demanding bigger government with more power, now suddenly, you think they may have gone too far?  Gee, what a concept.  Who could have possibly seen that coming?

These recent bills, mainly the NDAA and SOPA are of course outrageously terrible, but neither of them really create any new abuses of power.  They merely codify into law things the government has already been doing.  Why?  Because they can.  Because you keep electing them.  There’s nothing new here.  A large government running roughshod over individual liberties isn’t new, it’s actually one of the oldest stories in human history.  Some of us told you that this is exactly what would happen if you grew the government and gave it more power.  If you chose not to listen, please don’t come crying to me now.  It makes you look foolish.

PS – Adam’s best point in this video is the distinction between “natural rights” and “constitutional rights.”  This is obviously a bigger topic worth its own entire post, but we (including myself in this one) really should stop using the phrase constitutional rights.  Our rights do not come from the constitution, they come from our humanity.


Adam vs The Man

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