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Article Roundup – 11/29/13

White House urging allies not to drive traffic to HealthCare.gov | Fox News. This one really strikes a nerve for me.  One of my biggest “pet peeves” (more like majorly infuriating preoccupations) is how government agencies (and government-protected monopolies, such … Continue reading

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The “Smallpox Blankets” Myth

Every year around Thanksgiving, many of the anti-western leftists start to pick up steam in their America-bashing.  Thanksgiving, after all, is a celebration of evil genocidal white men brutally killing and torturing the peace-loving natives who enjoyed an earthly utopia … Continue reading

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Happy “Communism Doesn’t Work” Day, Everyone!

Ah, Thanksgiving.  The time where we all come together and celebrate the propensity for American leftists in education and the media to re-write and distort history.  The story, as we are all taught in our state-run schools, is that the … Continue reading

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