Anti-Secessionists and Broken Clocks

White House ‘secede’ petitions reach 675,000 signatures, 50-state participation

This article does a great job of summarizing the recent secession controversy forthose who haven’t been paying attention.  Worthy of note, in my opinion, is the backlash against those who would sign this petition by Obama-worshipping statists.

The secession petitions have motivated many statists to launch “counter-petitions” seemingly designed to somehow punish those who petition for secession.  One person came up with the obviously well-thought out idea of asking the President to strip the citizenship of everyone who signed a pro-secession petition and have them deported.  Perhaps the irony is lost on this person that losing their United States citizenship is exactly what the secessionists are asking for in the first place.  So, you know, NOT the most effective punishment in the world.

The deportation factor might carry some semblance of a threat, if only it were remotely possible.  How can you “deport” someone who has lived in the U.S. for their entire life? Where do you send them to?  What country is going to step up and say “sure, we will accept with gratitude the citizens you are kicking out of your country because you deem them political troublemakers, even though they have no prior affiliation with our country whatsoever.”  In fact, this is one of the arguments often used by leftists against deportation, particularly in regards to the “DREAM Act.”  That it is cruel and inhumane to deport someone to a place they have never lived, and may have no friends, family, or contacts whatsoever.

Then there are others who, even more hilariously, are countering the petitions of their states to secede from the union with petitions of their cities to secede from their state.  El Paso, Texas apparently hates the idea of being governed by a central authority that doesn’t represent them through their oppressive act of secession, and as a result…. has requested secession for themselves.  Very good, El Paso!  That’s exactly right!  Secession is ultimately necessary in order to achieve freedom from autocratic tyrants.  I’m glad you were able to figure that out.  The road-map to individual liberty is quite simple.  First, you secede from the nation.  Then, you secede from the state.  Then, you secede from the county.  Then, you secede from the city.  Then, you secede from the neighborhood.  Then, you are free.

Like the proverbial broken clock, the pro-state leftists have managed, by complete accident, to actually get this issue correct.  Those who desire to secede should have their citizenship revoked.  Not as a punishment, but as the granting of a request.  States and towns alike who believe that their overlords are not properly representing them should petition for, and be allowed to secede from those bodies.  To force someone to remain in a political union they no longer desire to be a part of is inherently unjust and violates both the natural rights of man, and the spirit of the U.S. Constitution.

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