Update Schedule

When Tom Woods speaks, I listen.

I saw a video that urged people to start a blog, and I did.  Recently in a live chat, he suggested that to grow an audience, you had to provide content on a consistent and predictable basis.  Therefore, I am officially committing myself to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule.  On each one of these days, I will aim to put up a new post, even if it’s a simple link to another blog or YouTube video with brief commentary.

These are all work days for me, so the posts will probably come late in the evening (Pacific Time).  So checking the blog on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings would work too.  Thanks to everyone who has read, liked, or commented on any of my stuff over the past year or so.  Much more to come!

About Dude Where's My Freedom?

My name's Matt and I love Freedom.
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