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The Truth About Arizona SB 1062

Full text of the bill Before you read any of this, PLEASE click the link above and read the text of the bill itself.  Done?  Good.  We are now prepared to engage in an intelligent and constructive dialogue about this … Continue reading

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“Anti-Discrimination” Laws Are Jim Crow Laws

As a follow-up to Friday’s post regarding the anti-freedom consequences of gay marriage legislation, I wanted to make this analogy and state, for the record, my complete and total opposition to any violations (either positive or negative) to the freedom … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Already Resulting In Less Freedom

Florist sued for refusing service to gay couple | Local & Regional | KEPR CBS 19 – News, Weather and Sports – Pasco, WA. One of the primary objections to gay marriage from social conservatives has long been that, once … Continue reading

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